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Webinar Replay: How to Make Yourself Distinctly Different (WR082918)

Price: $19.95

Financial Advisors are swimming in a sea of sameness. People looking for an Advisor see similar firms offering similar products to similar people with similar results. To attract new clients, it’s imperative that you stand apart.

Elite Advisors stand apart from the crowd.

This presentation is Don’s most basic message: Don’t try to be better than the Advisor next door. Be different.

All Advisors have similar hard skills and these hard skills can now be outsourced for twenty-five basis points. The way to differentiate yourself is to perfect your soft skills, your interpersonal skills. Trust cannot be outsourced. When I see a top Advisor in action, I see an Advisor who possesses outstanding people skills.

One way to stand apart from the competition is to care more than people expect you to care. Every client wants to feel important. When a client feels an Advisor’s service is no longer personalized, the relationship is in jeopardy.

Another way to differentiate yourself is to become a great storyteller. People will not buy what they don’t understand and stories and analogies make you understood every time.