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Webinar Replay: Don't Kid Yourself. We're All Selling (WR111219)

Price: $19.95

It doesn’t matter how good your financial advice is if you can’t attract new clients and gather assets. It doesn’t matter how good you are at attracting new clients and gathering assets if your advice is bad. To build a career as a Financial Advisor, you must be good at both. It’s time we admit that and talk about it openly.

For too many years, selling has been a dirty word in our industry. The move away from transactional selling and toward fee-based managed money may be the reason why we don’t want to consider ourselves to be salespeople. We’ve moved away from selling products and nobody wants to be seen as sales-y.

But make no mistake, you must sell yourself, your ideas and your concepts every day. Before you can help people, they have to believe you are capable of helping them. You’ve got to convince them you are the logical choice. You’ve got to sell them on you.

From the moment you say hello for the first time until you put their money to work, you are building a relationship, moving folks up the likeability/trust ladder.

In this webinar, I will explain how to sell yourself. How do you establish trust? What should take place in an ideal first meeting? How do you establish an emotional connection? What are the most important relationship-building skills? What makes one Advisor more likeable than another? How do you deal with the inevitable objections? How do you ask for the order?