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Webinar Replay: Twenty Reasons Why Everyone Needs a Financial Advisor (WR011620)

Price: $19.95

Our first webinar of the new year. This webinar will dispel the ridiculous argument that people with no training and no experience should attempt to manage their own financial affairs.

There is a story behind this webinar.

I recently had a conversation with a friend who is close to retirement. He has decided to manage his own account once he retires. He’s smart, he’s wonderfully arrogant and he’s convinced he has the time. Because I care about him, I suggested he hire a Financial Advisor to do that for him. He said he is quite capable of managing his own affairs. I told him I had no doubt that he is quite capable, but a competent Financial Advisor will help him avoid the costly mistakes that all amateur investors make. He said, “Name me one costly mistake that I’ll make.” I said, “How about if I name you twenty costly mistakes that you’re capable of making?” I stopped at twenty. I could probably have gotten to thirty.

This webinar will spell out those twenty mistakes and will give you twenty talking points should someone make this same argument to you. Twenty mistakes constitute an overwhelming argument why investors need a Financial Advisor.

Twenty mistakes. Twenty reasons to hire a Financial Advisor. Please don’t miss this webinar.