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The Best of Camp Connelly Vol 1 (recorded in 2007) (BOCCV1)

Price: $19.95

Highlights from shows and interviews featured on Camp Connelly in 2007. On this CD, Don interviews top producers and wealth management experts and helps struggling advisors overcome obstacles in their practice. Don covers everything from dealing with difficult clients, to growing your business, to just life its own self.

1. Sales Idea− Stick to the Basics (2:48)
2. Don With Sales Guru Mark Zinder (14:04)
3. Ask Don− How Do I Explain My Fees and Commissions? (3:04)
4. Big Producer Mark Dick of AG Edwards (13:05)
5. Two Minutes of My Time− Identify and Meet Wealthy People (3:06)
6. Don With Estate Planning Specialist Chris Hennessey (10:42)
7. Sales Idea− Handling Objections (2:27)
8. Mr. and Mrs. Client− Identify With Your Prospects (3:01)
9. Life It’s Own Self− On Investing (1:17)
10. Big Producer Scott Cooper of Economic Concepts (11:10)
11. Laugh A Little− If Shoes Were Securities (4:24)

70 minutes