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The Best of Camp Connelly Vol 2 (recorded in 2008) (BOCCV2)

Price: $19.95

Highlights from shows and interviews featured on Camp Connelly in 2008.  On this CD, Don talks to top producers and wealth management experts about building their businesses, sales ideas that have worked for them, getting prospects off the fence, and how to deal with clients during a down market.

1. Ask Don – What is the Biggest Mistake Advisors Make? (2:25)
2. Sales Idea – The Barber Shop (1:22)
3. Don With Ed Harris – Building Great Relationships (10:44)
4. Ask Don – Is Cold Calling Still an Effective Way to Grow New Business? (3:10)
5. Sales Ideas – Write Bigger Tickets (1:56)
6. Two Minutes of My Time – Breaking a Prospect's Apathy Towards Saving (9:31)
7. Life Its Own Self – On History (1:22)
8. Don With Alan Parisse – Why Selling is a Dirty Word (14:50)
9. Sales Ideas – Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket (2:09)
10. Ask Don – How Should You Prepare Your Practice for a Market Correction? (4:04)
11. Sales Ideas – Brick Through Your Window (1:05)
12. Don With Tim Landry – How to Successfully Move Your Practice (10:05)

64 minutes