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Distinctly Different: Ya Gotta Stand Out! (DD-YGSO)

Price: $24.95

Industry guru Don Connelly has made a career of helping advisors stand out from their competitors. These days, financial products and services are a commodity so it is more important than ever to be different.

On this CD, Don shares his ideas on how advisors can distinguish themselves from the crowd.


1. Don't become a commodity   1:47
2. The ritual of commodization 1:39
3. Different ways to be different 7:31
4. Stories that resonate  2:54
5. Market yourself  2:34
6. Stick to the basics 7:17
7. Don't be afraid of hard work   2:59
8. Develop a repeatable process 4:21
9. Embrace the traits of successful advisors 0:42
10. The eight ieys to success 7:13
11. Have an opinion        1:50
12. Getting people off the fence  2:20
13. The litany of disaster 11:03
14.   Be Optimistic       0:35

Total Time:  55 minutes