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Webinar: The Greatest Equities Story Ever Told: The Litany of Disaster (WR031317)

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Getting Your Clients to Focus on The Destination, Not The Journey

The greatest investing mistake of all is not starting. The second greatest mistake is not going all the way. Fear is the genesis of these mistakes. Fear is a bigger emotion than greed.

How, then, do you get people to commit and then stick to the plan?

You do it by lessening their focus on current events. You get them to focus on the results, not the process.

Please allow me to show you how to do just that – join me for a one-hour webinar on March 13, 2017 at 4:15 EST as I show you how the Dow has gone from less than 200 to over 20,000 in my lifetime despite the most horrific of events.

How many clients realize that since its inception in 1896, the Dow Jones Industrial Average has never gone to cash?

From the Korean War to JFK’s assassination to 9/11 to the war in Syria, the Dow has soldiered on. Through wars and recessions and stock market collapses, the Dow has climbed a proverbial wall of worry. This is a story your clients need to hear!

During the webinar you’ll also see my famous ‘Litany of Disaster’ PPT slides in sync with the audio. The ‘Litany of Disaster’ has been updated to include 2016 performance.

I’ll show you over fifty calamities that, at the time, spelled doom for the market. Yet every time the market went down, it came back. Every single time it came back, it set a new high. Yet people still lost money. Why? Because they don’t know the back story.

It’s up to you to learn this story and pass it on. Help your clients look away from current events and focus on the long term.

Please join us on March 13, 2017 at 4:15 PM EST and learn how to focus your clients on the destination, not the journey; help your clients commit and then stick to the plan in the face of bad news.