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Webinar Replay: "Up Your Game: How to use Stories and Analogies to Influence and Persuade" - WR072414

Price: $19.95

Did you ever wonder why people remember gossip and forget numbers?  Listen and Watch this Webinar replay session with Don Connelly and find out why.

Our business is dry.  Convexity and tactical asset allocation are boring and forgettable subjects.  An explanation of risk-management numbs the mind.  Advisors who tell stories do well because people don’t respond emotionally to facts.  People respond emotionally to stories.  Throughout history, stories have appealed to people’s emotions.  Stories are persuasive.  Everyone loves a good story and everyone loves a good storyteller.   

Stories trigger memories and stir up emotions.  The right words said the right way can cause people to take action.  The key is to take our data and package it in story form; to say it so it makes a difference. 

In this session Don explains why and how good stories change behavior.  He explains the difference between analogies and anecdotes, between parables and aphorisms.  He encourages you to become a master of pithy wisdom.

He will also convince you that you are already a good storyteller.  When you tell somebody about that lousy flight you had, you are telling a story.  A key to success is watching how people react to your stories.  What impact are you having? 

Don recaps the six types of stories that influence and persuade decision makers.  Prospective clients don’t want information.  They want somebody they can trust.  That’s why, of the six stories, the most important one is your own personal story.  

Note:  The replay is a WMV file.  If you need us to send you another link for the MP4 file, please let us know in the comments section of your order.