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Webinar Replay: "How to Anticipate, Overcome and Avoid Getting Objections" (WR 092414)

Price: $19.95

During the webinar you will learn why people fail to act on your suggestions and what you can do about it.

Objections often are the only thing standing between the Advisor and turning a prospect into a new client. Your success depends on your ability to anticipate, overcome, and avoid getting objections.

In too many cases, people will not tell you what’s really bothering them. They’d rather lie to your face than hurt your feelings. How, then, do you find out what your prospect or client objection really is? And what do you say when you find out? 

Have you thought why so many times clients leave you with “I want to think it over”? What is it that they want to think about? Why do people fail to act on your suggestions? Have you not provided enough value? Are you missing something?

Perhaps you are getting the same objections over and over. Wouldn’t it be helpful to learn how to to address potential objections before they were communicated to you?

Wouldn’t it be great if you were so good at building trust and rapport and communicating with your prospects that you never heard an objection?

These are some of the many points Don discusses during the Webinar.  You'll also learn why people fail to act on your suggestions and what you can do about it.

You will learn why it’s perfectly natural for clients and prospective clients to worry about market loss, volatility and fees. More importantly, you’ll learn how to successfully address those fears so that you convert more prospects to clients.

When someone decides not to act on your suggestions, you can acquiesce and call it a day. That’s what a lot of Advisors do. Or you can probe to find out exactly what’s bothering that person and get the conversation back on track. That’s what successful Advisors do.

Fear keeps people from acting. It must be dealt with directly. Nobody benefits otherwise. Please join us to learn how to differentiate legitimate fears from false ones and how to help your clients deal with them. Opening an account with you is the right thing to do. I know it and you know it. Let’s make sure your prospects know it, too.