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How to Excel in the Securities Industry: Best of Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo Vol I (BODnRV1)

Price: $99.00

Don Connelly and Richard Capalbo have enjoyed long and successful careers in the Financial Services Industry. Through their joint collaboration on this project they offer more than 90 years of experience, insight and wisdom. This CD series, “How to Excel in the Securities Business” features Don and Richard discussing various aspects of the Financial Advisory business.
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They present their thoughts and observations on What Elite Advisors Do that Average Advisors Don’t Do. This practice management library is part of Don and Richard’s legacy to the Financial Services industry and is their hope that Financial Advisors around the globe can light their candles from them as Don and Richard have done from so many others throughout their careers.

CD 1 CD 2
1. Building Client Trust
2. How to build a Repeatable Process
3. Managing Clients Versus Managing Money
4. Six Ways to Open Significant Accounts
1. How to Be Distinctly Different
2. How to Delegate Successfully
3. How to Analyze Your Business
4. How to Optimize the Use of Wholesalers
CD 3 CD 4

1. Becoming a Great Communicator
2. Creating a Client Service Model
3. How to Market Yourself
4. There is More than One Right Answer

1. How to Influence People
2. Be Brilliant at the Basics Unplugged...
3. Developing a Robust Capacity to enjoy the Process

Due to popular demand, we have made this series available as an Mp3 download. It is available in our Don Connelly & Associates website store. Click here to see details.