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Webinar Replay: "The 7 Essential Traits of Successful Financial Advisors" (WR022415)

Price: $19.95

Another great Center Stage Event!
"The 7 Essential Traits of Successful Financial Advisors"
Don Connelly Center Stage with Dave Hubbard, Industry Veteran, CEO and President of Exemplar Financial Network.

If your business has plateaued and you are working too many hours and not growing your business, this Webinar is for you!


Being a Successful Financial Advisor demands a commitment to doing the right activities, paying attention to detail and having a passion for the business by all who are involved.

Average Advisors often procrastinate and find excuses for their inaction. Top performing Financial Advisors roll up their sleeves and just do what they have to do to succeed. The difference between being an average and being a top performing Advisor often lies within you.

Don't miss this exciting Center Stage event featuring Don Connelly and Dave Hubbard, two of our industry's top veterans, as they share their insights on the 7 essential traits all successful Advisors have in common.

#1) Gain a clear understanding of what your Most Valuable Activities (MVAs) should be
#2) Learn why success is a team sport and how to surround yourself with the 'right' team 
#3) Identify which areas of your own business you should analyze to achieve your vision of success