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Webinar Replay: Never Get Fired by a Client: How to Generate Life Long Loyalty (WR111715)

Price: $19.95

Don Connelly explains where the trouble starts and how to head it off.

High net worth investors will change Financial Advisors without hesitation. Why is that and, more importantly, can you insulate yourself from this all-too-real catastrophe? Even better, can you create client loyalty fierce enough to make firing you unthinkable?

It’s too simplistic to simply say that lack of communication is the root cause of Advisors being terminated. That’s not where the trouble starts. The trouble starts when clients feel your service is no longer personalized. Trouble also starts when clients realize you have no succession plan. Trouble also starts for several other reasons.

Attend this webinar to learn:

  • What happens when you fail to connect emotionally with your clients.
  • What to say when investment recommendations don’t perform as expected.
  • How to talk clients through bear markets.

In short, learn how to generate lifelong loyalty among your clients.