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Webinar Replay: DOL Rule - Disruption or Opportunity for Financial Advisors? (WR080316)

Price: $19.95

The new DOL rule is very long and confusing, but the substance of it is clear - financial advisors will now have to act as fiduciaries in regard to their clients’ IRA accounts.

Another thing is clear – that Firms and Advisors alike need to prepare their business to meet the demands, challenges and consequences of this new rule.

Join Don Connelly & David Hubbard for a one-hour free webinar and learn:

  • What it means to be a fiduciary
  • The key areas where this rule will impact your business
  • The BICE and how it will change the conversation
  • What changes you need to make in your business today to be ready for the DOL rule

If you aren’t analyzing your current business, you are behind everyone else. But, there’s more to this rule than just knowing which accounts and how much of your assets under management will be affected.

To be competitive and truly differentiate yourself, you’ll need to focus on how you service your clients and how you document interactions with them. Furthermore, you need to have the infrastructure and resources to comply with the DOL rule.

There is one certainty though: things will change for how you do business. The question is: will this be a disruption to your business or an opportunity?