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Webinar Replay: Are Your Fees High Enough? (WR090716)

Price: $19.95

Wherever I go, I find Advisors who rate themselves above average, but charge below average fees. I don’t want that to be you.

I know what Elite Advisors think they are worth and why. I would like the opportunity to tell you the same thing about yourself. I want you to never wonder again if your fees are too high. Rather I want you to think that your fees are too low. 

On this webinar you will:

  • Make sure you are paid what you are worth.
  • Learn how some of the industry's best Advsors explain their fees
  • Do not fall victim to a race to the bottom

Between Robo-Advisors, discount firms and fee breaks from conventional Advisors, there is a race to the bottom. 

Are fees simply a commodity seeking their proper level, or are we giving away the store? Should we dig our heels in or follow the crowd? What would happen if we raised our fees? What does expensive really mean?

It is immediately obvious that Advisors who have built a world-class service model have no problem charging a premium for it. What we charge our clients reflects how we feel about ourselves. You can tinker with your fees trying to please everyone or you can find those clients who see the value in what you are offering. The choice is yours.

Price alone is never the issue with people. If price were the only consideration in people’s minds, there would be no Mercedes Benz. Ritz Carlton wouldn’t exist. Those companies exist because they are worth it.