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Save the dates: June 15, 16 & 17 (Tue through Thu) and a follow-up group coaching session on Aug 3.

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Important Recorded Webinar Message: Corona Virus - This Too Shall Pass

Download the webinar here or watch the replay below

The stock market has performed terribly since it was determined that Coronavirus could reach pandemic proportions. It’s down 3200 points last week alone. Is this just nervous investors selling near the top of record highs or is this something greater? Nobody knows the answer to that question. Will there be a sustained stampede? Maybe. Will this be a short-lived phenomenon? Probably. In the meantime, what do we tell our clients?

The one thing you can tell your clients is that this too shall pass. The coronavirus eruption is exactly why every client needs a financial plan. A coronavirus outbreak is a contingency and good financial plans anticipate the unforeseen. The plan is to stick to the plan.

You are not expected to be right all the time, but you are expected to have an opinion. We cannot predict the future, but we can put things in context. Let’s put what we know into context. We want our opinion to be simple. We want to get our message across with no confusion. We want to connect the dots.

So as a result of the many emails and phone calls I've received last week, I've recorded a message, delivered in Webinar format, that I hope will help you in having renewed conversations with your prospective and current clients about the benefits of long term investing and will help you calm their fears.

If you think a webinar/conference call would be of value to your firm, please have your branch manager or home office call 941.346.1166 or email so we can discuss details and available dates to get Don Connelly in front of your entire team to discuss the story Financial Advisors need to be telling clients and how to deal with the 2020 bear market.

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