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Webinar Replay:

How to Create a Competitive Advantage

Held: September 23, 2021

Jack Welch famously said, “If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

A competitive advantage is what separates you from the crowd. It’s the reason people should choose you over all the other Advisors in your town. You must have at least one competitive advantage if you want to get to the next level.

Yet when I ask Financial Advisors to tell me what their competitive advantage is, most are at a loss for words. In fact, most have never even thought about it. In this webinar I will show you exactly how to build that edge. The right competitive edge will allow you to answer the toughest question you will face in your career.

You should be able to easy and clearly articulate this message to all of your prospective clients: “Why should I do business with you?”

If you don’t have a competitive advantage or cannot clearly articulate your competitive advantage this webinar is for you!

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Webinar Replay: "How to Create a Competitive Advantage" - Held: September 23, 2021