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Webinar Replay:

The Story You Need to Be Telling Your Clients Right Now

Held: Friday, March 27, 2020

As you can imagine with all we’re going through, I’ve had many requests to create a message about getting through the bear market in 2020 that Financial Advisors can pass on to their clients. So, I’ve done that – I’ll share it with you during this 45-minute LIVE webinar.

In doing so I address three questions that are on the mind of every Advisor in the world:

1. What do I do now, right now?

2. What do I say to my clients?

3. How do I say it so it makes an impact?

Listen now to hear the story you need to be telling your clients right now to help them handle the 2020 bear market.

As a Financial Advisor, you will get few, and I do mean few, career-building opportunities as great as the one that is staring you in the face right now.

I’ve been in this business for fifty-three years and this is only the fifth time in my career that an opportunity like this has presented itself. Like the other four, this one will not be obvious until long after the fact. The other four times? 1974, 1982, 1987 and 2008. During this webinar, I explain what things felt like in those markets.

I am not downplaying the gravity of the situation we are in. Global markets are facing their gravest challenge since 2008-2009. We are down about 30% this year, a faster start to a bear market than in 2008, 2000, 1998 or even 1987.

What I’m talking about is the stock market digging in for the inevitable rebound. We are pushing a beach ball under water and you know what happens when you let go. And the beach ball has rarely been pushed down this far, this fast. Just as bull markets are followed by bear markets, bear markets are followed by bull markets. You are looking at a set of circumstances that rarely presents itself. You must get proactive right now.

Get out there and make sure your clients have faith in the plan you’ve created for them, have faith in you and have faith in your firm.

Join this webinar to learn the story you need to be telling your clients. I have also included a very simple bear market presentation that every client will understand as well as my ten favorite bear market stories and analogies to help you make the unfamiliar familiar.

Nobody knows when this bear market will be over, but it’s important to remember that a market bottom is not a number. It’s a collective feeling that we are out of the woods.

If you think this webinar/conference call would be of value to your firm, please call 941.346.1166 or email so we can discuss details and available dates to get Don Connelly in front of your entire team to discuss the story Financial Advisors need to be telling clients and how to deal with the 2020 bear market.