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If you’ve clicked over to this letter then you’re obviously interested in taking your career to the next level. Let me tell you how I can help.

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Speaking Details

Don Connelly is an inspiring and entertaining speaker who educates and motivates audiences with his extraordinary flair and fast-paced combination of wit, intellect, storytelling and simple doctrine. In wide demand as a motivational speaker and trainer, Don has become an authority on winning sales techniques and is known as a powerful beacon of wisdom to investors and financial services professionals in the United States and abroad.

He is available for hire as a keynote speaker or trainer for live, in-person performances as well as on-line clinics.

For Financial Advisors, Managers, Wholesalers & Investors

  • Keynote Sessions: $ 8,500 plus travel expenses
  • Keynote + breakout: $11,000 plus travel expenses
  • Live Workshops: $11,000 - $14,000 plus travel expenses
    * Pricing is contingent upon the length of the Workshop which ranges between two hours & full day sessions. Pricing includes up to 50 Training Guides per session.
  • Live Webinars/Conference Calls: $ 3,500
  • Personalized Recordings: Available by Quote

Note: Fees are negotiable for retainer clients and for multiple event contracts.  Travel expenses are invoiced separately.

Travel Expense Reimbursements:

  • Airfare (Business Class for International & First Class to US West Coast)
  • Private car ground transportation
  • 4-Star hotel accommodations
  • Meals @ $150 per diem

Download the Don Connelly & Associates Capabilities Brochure and Workshop Guides below:

Download the Capabilities Brochure

Download the General Workshop & Keynote Guide

Download the Wholesalers Workshop Guide