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Webinar: There’s an Interest Rate War Raging on Retirees’ Income. Arm Them. - HELD: Thursday, August 18th, 2015

Download the webinar here or watch the replay below

“I am afraid of outliving my money.”

“I need more income, but I don’t want more volatility.”

“What happens to my money if I put it in bonds and rates go up after I retire?”

By now, these laments are all too familiar to Financial Advisors and Consultants.

There’s a long-term war going on in this country and it’s not getting enough attention. It’s the war on retirees who can’t live on 1% or less.

There are few choices left for retirement dollars and doors are slamming every day. What do you say to these people? How do you comfort them?  Are there any good alternatives left?

Listen to the webinar and meet Chris Bertelsen, Chief Investment Officer of Aviance Capital. Probably you’ve seen Chris discussing this subject on Fox Business and Bloomberg TV. I’ve known Chris for thirty years and I am both a fan and a believer. In this webinar, Chris will give us his valuable insights about the income and stock markets; and he will present us with solutions and answers. He understands that while retirees are looking for a better income stream, many of them do not want the volatility risk that often accompanies that. He particularly likes good yields with low variability and volatility. Says Chris, “The older I get the more I dislike fast drawdowns and slow bounce backs. You can’t eliminate them but minimizing them raises my comfort level. With yields stuck way below 1% I think our strategy of returning close to 5% in the yield makes sense. Despite the fall in commodity prices we have Inflation. Where? In services. Look at lawn or pool maintenance, Dentist and Doctor expenses, Restaurant prices, grocery store bills, etc. It’s all the more reason to collect 5% in a 1% or less world.”

The point of this webinar is not to endorse a product or a family of funds. As you know, we don’t do that. What we do endorse is listening to a Forbes Top 50 Wealth Manager give us viable alternatives in an otherwise bleak environment.

You can do everything for your client but make the decision. What you will learn in this webinar will make that decision easier.

Chris Bertelsen Bio

Chief Investment Officer, Aviance Capital

Chris Bertelsen has over 40 years of investment experience. Previously, Mr. Bertelsen was director of the value equity group for Phoenix Investment Counsel. He served as Chief Investment Officer at Dreman Value Advisors, and was a Senior Vice President with Eagle Asset Management. Mr. Bertelsen headed the equity investment department at Colonial Advisory Services, Inc. and managed The Colonial Fund. He also held positions with Batterymarch Financial Management, and State Street Bank & Trust Company. Mr. Bertelsen holds an M.B.A. and a B.A. in Economics and History from Boston University.