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Virtual Accountability Partner

Stay Motivated & Tap Into Your Full Potential
From the Comfort of Your Home.

EVOKING EXCELLENCE and DON CONNELLY 24/7 have teamed up to provide a Coaching Program combining technology tools with a tailored one-on-one coaching process.  

Virtual Accountability Partner Program
Are you willing to invest time, money, energy and resolve to reach your goals  

Sometimes all it takes for you to Tap Into Your Full Potential is working with a Personal Coach as your Virtual Motivational Accountability Partner.

The Result?  

You Stay Motivated, Stay On Track, Control Your Future, Focus Your Energy, and Achieve Your Goals!
You experience measureable results throughout the Guided and Proven
Accountability process.

How does working online with a Virtual Accountability Partner help you Tap Into Your Full Potential?

Virtual Accountability Partner provide an online system supporting their eclectic coaching methodology, thus coaching with real structure and accountability, supporting actual progress and demonstrating real results

Action plans are kept in existence, communication and support
are regular and fluid, inspiration and clarity is documented and forward progress is measured.

Throughout the coaching process you are given consistent feedback and encouragement, and are provided with a
coaching structure and a proven accountability process that leads to results.

The Motivational Accountability Partner
Program  is a highly accessible, tailored one-on-one coaching process that provides continuity for learning, change and growth at any time from any place using modern technology.

From The Comfort of Your Home. Geographical distance and filled calendars are no longer a barrier. You are only a click away from receiving and sharing information to further improve your personal and professional skills.

This is how we do it?

Using the power of tailored eclectic coaching methodology, we help you to think and act more resourcefully, to identify where you are today and support your transition to where you want to be tomorrow, resulting in personal and professional growth and achievements.

We focus on your character strengths and goals, thus Evoking the Excellence you have within, helping you make radical improvements in your life.

Bibi Ohlsson Personal Coach
Bibi Ohlsson is Complementing her Extensive Experience from Professional and Personal Life with the art of Co
aching, Emotional Intelligence, Self-Leadership, Positive Psychology, Mental Training and Neuro-Science.  She interfaces well with any Advisor - no matter where you are in your personal life and level of professional accomplishment. By a
ctively & reflectively listening and asking the right yet
thought provoking questions, she will open your mind and convey confidence that you can achieve your goals. 

Virtual Accountability Partner Program
Evoking Excellence provides you with an on-line Accountability Partner Portal that allows you to set your own goals and subsequent action plans, due dates and tracking metrics; allows you access to easily communicate with your coach whenever it is convenient for you; and helps to measure your results through the metrics You establish.  Brief communication is encouraged daily, with weekly follow-ups and check-in.

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Bibi W Ohlsson
Personal & Business Coach