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Insights - Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections
There are only three objections you will ever get: I'm not interested; I already have an Advisor; I don't have any money. Every other objection is an offshoot of these three.   
An objection is a declarative sentence. A declarative sentence is not open for debate. There is nothing you can say in response. You can't answer it. But you can answer a question. So turn the objection into a question. Then answer the question.   
"Mr. Financial Advisor, no thank you. I'm happy with my Advisor at XYZ."
"Mr. Prospect, if I understand you correctly, you are pleased with the job your XYZ Advisor is doing. Is that correct?"   
"Yes, that's correct."   
"I commend you for having an account at XYZ. XYZ is an excellent firm and I agree with your decision to have an account there. In turn, I'm sure you'll agree with me that not any one person or firm has a corner on all the good ideas. If I come up with one idea designed to increase your income, reduce your taxes or both, may I compete for part of your business?"   
Who's going to say no to that? Practice overcoming objections until you are excellent at it.

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