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Webinar: Center Stage with Don Connelly & Richard Capalbo: What Elite Advisors Do That Average Advisors Don’t Do - Held: November 5, 2014

Download the webinar here or watch the replay below

I want you to meet a good friend and business associate of mine who is also one of the greatest thinkers in our business – Richard Capalbo.

Richard Capalbo has held nearly every position in the business, including Registered Rep, Branch Manager, Sales and Marketing Manager, District Manager, President, Chairman and eventually CEO of a major wire house. He founded the Quantum Leap Institute and specializes in helping Advisors enhance their behavior by analyzing and adjusting to changing trends.

Richard is one of those rare people who not only talks the talk but he walks the walk. Among his many talents, he is a consummate and spell-binding storyteller. Richard doesn’t offer information. He offers wisdom.

Richard has agreed to talk to us about some of the critical things that Elite Avisors do that Average Advisors Don’t Do:

  • How to open significant accounts;
  • How to build a successful client model;
  • The need for a rigorous client acquisition and retention plan;
  • How to reject clients who do not fit it;
  • How to analyze our business in a truly unique way.

Throughout 2015, Richard and I will be conducting a nationwide lecture series together – a Legacy Tour, so to speak.

In a back-and-forth manner, we will share our experience, insight and wisdom on how to become an Elite Advisor. We’ve already released our first audio recordings together,How to Excel in the Securities Business, a 4 CD practice management library. Order your copy now!